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Payment and Insurance

"We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to." Brene Brown

Private Pay

Credit cards are accepted through a secure electronic portal. I will take payment information at our first session.

$150 for a 50 min session; $168 for a 60 min session; $210 for a 75 min session; $250 for a 90 min session.

I do not take Insurance at this time. I can provide a Superbill

 Some individuals have insurance plans that allow them to see a counselor with insurance paying a percentage of the fee via reimbursement. For that type of plan, you will have to pay out of pocket, file paperwork with your insurance provider then you will get a portion of the fee back at a later time. It is important to know when using insurance I am required to diagnose you with a mental health or adjustment disorder. For many people, there are benefits to not using insurance. Not only is your confidentiality protected, but decisions about frequency of visits and length of treatment are made by you instead of your insurance company. 

Super Bills allow you to seek reimbursement from your insurance provider. You will need to check and understand your insurance plan. Be aware policy changes may occur. Consider asking the following questions:

* Does my health insurance plan include mental/behavioral health reimbursement?

* What is the full process for reimbursement from my insurance provider?

* When will I be reimbursed from my insurance?

Reduced Fee Option

I do offer some reduced fee options for individuals ready to invest in their emotional wellbeing who are experiencing financial hardship/uncertainty and counseling students. I am happy to offer this option and discuss it with you; please call me to inquire further.

Supervision and Consultation

Internal Family System Individual Supervision or Consultation $150 per 50 mins

Internal Family System Consultation Groups for therapists and practitioners $80 per person for 90 mins groups 

Internal Family System Practice Triads $240 for 90 mins; groups members can share this cost

For supervision inquiries please email

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