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Get to Know Me

While my training is focused on deeper work, your goals for therapy and presenting concerns are the guiding force in our work together. My work is rooted in Internal Family System style of therapy. IFS holds the understanding we all have many facets or parts of ourselves which make us whole. When we experience an imbalance in our system it can cause indecision, anxiety, insecurity, confusion and disconnection within ourself and in our relationships. IFS is an effective, evidence-based treatment built on the principle that all parts of us are good and do not mean to cause us trouble. Tending to our parts with compassion and curiosity may not be your first impulse but I assure you it is an effective and profound way to make change. I am a Certified L2 IFS therapist  and EMDR trained . EMDR is often useful with problems that don’t respond to other therapies. EMDR treatment can bring deep and long-lasting changes and perhaps we will even have some fun along the way.

Before my decade plus of experience as a professional counselor, I worked with at risk youth and families for many years. In that time, I focused on my love of storytelling which I developed during undergrad, by writing, storytelling and listening to others. I know therapy can help navigate the relationship between healing, fully understanding your story and experiencing the importance of telling it. Therapy is a safe and sacred place to explore the power and meaning of our full stories.
I have a BA in English from the University of Texas and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Portland State University with lots of living in between.

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